Mole Control

Get rid of pesky moles

Though moles spend their entire lives underground, the evidence of where they have been is all too visible above the ground. Upheaved soil, tunnels going every which way in lawns that cause soft soil and dead grass above their surface tunnels are evident that moles are searching for or have found food in your yard.

More than 90 percent of a mole’s diet is earthworms, so when we have plenty of rain or a lawn is well watered fish worms abound, which brings moles as they race around consuming the earthworms.

An easy set mole eliminator trap is just that – an easy to set trap. Just push the points in a mole tunnel and set the trap by pushing down on it with your foot. The Easy Set mole eliminator trap has a better than 80 percent catch rate and is made in Indiana.

Motomco Mole Killer is a poisonous bait that looks like a large earthworm. They are places in a mole’s tunnel below ground and can control a mole in a single feeding.

For mole control products that work, visit us at Martin’s Pet and Garden Center in downtown Elkhart, where we make you the expert!

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